Robin Albert



Woman working on a painting at a tabe in her studio with paints and other work items

In the studio. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks

I am a good worker. I have always been an artist. I like to draw, paint, and sew. I have been painting a collection of fashion dolls using watercolor paint. I like clay. I have been making a series of clay jewelry. I use the internet to look up jewelry ideas. I use my head and think up ideas to draw and paint. If I could I would design out of paper a book of my art for people to see. It would be a storybook. My mom taught me to knit, crochet, and quilt. My Gram loved to knit and she also taught me how to make clothes. She was close to me, but she’s gone now. I went to the Boston Museum of Art and saw some gowns, jewelry, and shoes there. They wore them in the movies. I watch all kinds of movies and shows. I love Gone with the Wind because I would like to go there someday. I loved what they wore in the movie during that time. I like to know about history and the Civil War. I am also inspired by the hair styles of the 1960s. I like the different way that people would put their hair up. I made a cat quilt that had six cats and one bear. It had letters and numbers on it. I worked on it a very long time. When I finished it it felt good, but I also felt tired. Once it was done I sold it to a little girl who was recovering from cancer. I made her some paper dolls and sent them to her. It made me happy to share my art with her. I wrote her a little note to go with it.

Quilt with panels of drawn cats, a bear, and color fileds

Finished quilt. Photo courtesy of Spindleworks/Robin Albert