Ronda Eden



Woman working on her art.

Ronda Eden at a workshop conducted by artist Pam Brekas. Photo by Pam Brekas

In 1998, I become a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at University of Colorado in Denver. Since then I have maintained a strong studio practice in the visual arts. My work is largely explorative, experimental, and abstract in character. I have dabbled in just about every medium; I think! Working in the arts has allowed me to communicate in a creative way with the people around me and allows me to express and share my joy for life. It encourages people to 'see' in a new and positive way. For me, after finding the life of an artist, I was never at the loss for something fulfilling to do or for a place to go for comfort. The journey goes on and on and there are so many side roads. There is no better place to go to soothe the soul.

Being an avid horse lover, an equine or two has been known to leave tracks across my canvas. A motif that returns again and again in spite of my efforts to shoo them off.

I moved to Laramie, Wyoming, from Colorado in 1998 to run a part-time gallery called Viva-la-roo, work for the University of Wyoming's Ann Simpson Artmobile, and endulge somewhat in the performing arts as a storyteller as I travelled that big beautiful state. I did this for three years before taking time off to care for my elderly father after my mother passed away. My work gave me a refuge at that time.

I often refer to myself as an Artist AOT rather than BFA. When asked what AOT stands for, I proudly reply 'Among Other Things!' It is not easy for a creative person to do just one thing! In my life I have lived in well over 20 locations, been married four times, worked as a factory worker, pharmacy assistant, teacher, tutor, house painter, cleaner, bartender, waitress, gallery owner, horse trainer, barn manager, construction worker, snow shoveller, and more. 

Now, I am living in a picturesque little valley in Wellington, Nevada. I have a new body of work and am hoping to be able to focus on the arts. I have not yet applied for a grant with NEA but will be exploring the possibilities here very soon as I look into sharing not only my art but my inspiring little piece of the world here in Smith Valley.