Rosalia Curbelo

Fort Lauderdale


Abstract painting.

Art Saved My Life, 2015, by Rosalia Curbelo. Photo courtesy of artist

Art saved my life in 2010. After becoming a widow that year and starting to experience health issues, I was completely lost. I did some art, theater, and music before. But this time was different. I was trying to survive as a human being. My bereavement counselor took me to the FATVillage Arts District in downtown Fort Lauderdale, to Puppet Network. At that time the director of Puppet Network, Jim Hammond, was developing the Day of the Dead event, and what better way for me to honor my deceased husband's memory and also have the chance to be re-born again as an artist. Another artist from FATVillage—Jean Minuchin, director of World & Eye Arts Center, took me under her wing, giving me the chance to finally express myself with my artwork and spoken word. I have been on disability since 2012. I have more health issues now. But it is amazing that when I am sick is when I am able to do my best artwork. Art Saved My Life was part of a collective exhibit at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale. I consider my biggest accomplishment for my artwork AIDS Free Generation to be at the office of the director of the National AIDS Policy Office of the White House.