Russell Lee Hansen



Painting of six cranes flaying right to left against a multi-hued sky

Sandhill Cranes (12x16 acrylic). Photo courtesy of Russell Lee Hansen

When I was six years old it was discovered I had an amazing talent for art. Through all my years in school I had top grades in art. My other grades were not good. My parents didn't care about art and did not support me. After school there were no scholarships for art and I had no money to further my career. I lived in a Nebraska where there was no support or opportunitys for artists. I was an excellent muscian and wrote my first song at age 13. Twelve years after high school I was working hard labor jobs, playing with a band on weekends and oil painting on the side. I had become discouraged because I was an alcoholic. Then I got sober picked up photography and some years later I was awarded my master of photography degree. I won top awards from Kodak and Fugi. My art has been my top priority these last ten years. I am unsuccessful as I'm still in Nebraska with very little income. At 60 years old now I expect to enter my last days as an artist who had all the potential in the world to make an impact but fell through the cracks because I had no help or opportunitys from any arts program institution or endowment.