Santanu Das

Broken Arrow


Indian dancer in constumn and headdress posed looking around a stone facade

Odissi Dancer - Sanjukta. Photo by Santanu Das

I am a volunteer, community leader, promoter, photographer, graphics designer, and an ARTIST! I was born in a small town in Odisha (India), moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) from Washington DC, back in 2000 for my job. I work in the Information Technology industry.

I was very passionate about various art forms since my childhood; Due to my academic career, I could not do enough in that field earlier, particularly after coming to USA, I rediscovered it.

Art has changed many things in my life. It gave me a new dimension! A self-discovery!!

I spent years in promoting South Asian performing arts, in various states in the USA. I was the first to promote Odissi (a classical dance form from my own state Odisha) in Tulsa. I have served in leadership positions as a volunteer in many organizations. I am the co-founder and the current President of South Asian Performing Arts Foundation, and was past president of the India Association of Greater Tulsa. So far, I have hosted and promoted over 60 shows in USA. The knowledge of the project cycle of the artist/performance management and self-confidence I gained, was because of the arts.

I have also done few photography, graphics design work. Some of my award winning photography works are shown here.

I believe, art is a learning process… it just does not happen!! So I am still learning...

Close-up of a jelly fish in an acquarioum tank

Oklahoma Aquarium, Tulsa. Photo by Santanu Das