Scott L Pratt


Writing became my art medium of choice early in life. My imagination has always been an escape from stress, pain, and feelings of loneliness. There was a point in my life when I pushed writing aside in lieu of taking care of my family, focusing on raising my children and being the best husband I could be to my wife. However, my escape from life's stress morphed into internalizing my feelings. The resulting persona I externalized represented nothing more than a shadow of myself. When I started writing again, I found an open anthology and submitted a short story. The feeling that crept through me upon acceptance invigorated me, breathing new life into the husk I became. That first published story was three years ago. Since then, I have been published in 48 books total, three of which are my own creation from page one until the last page. My mind has become free and I can once again think clearly as I transfer the stress from within me to the letters on the keyboard. Not only is it a great feeling to know that I created a story from nothingness, turning the white page into a canvas of words, but to realize that my writings, such as my first novel Final Reverie, can have an impact on the reader as well, I am overjoyed. Whether you write, paint, sketch, act, or any other art form, don't let the passion fade away and regret not following your dream. Don't let failures and stumbles hinder your commitment to a project. Instead, create and be proud of what you have accomplished.