Shannon Fannin


Painting a 275GTB Ferrari.jpg

Woman painting a picture of a vintage car.

Shannon Fannin in the studio. Photo courtesy of artist

You are NEVER too old to follow your dream. I remind others of this all the time. I received a scholarship to become a special needs art teacher, but never finished a semester of college. Instead, marriage, family, and career kept me busy for 25 years. After our son started college, my family encouraged me to go back to my art. In fall 2013, I took a handful of community college art classes. I quickly realized that creating through mixed media made my soul sing. It made me feel WHOLE. In summer 2014, we bought a 1961 Ford Thunderbird and started going to car shows. I didn’t see cars as appliances, but as rolling works of art. Each vehicle told a story, and I wanted to capture that tale on canvas in my own expressive way. I want my works to remind my viewers of childhood memories (vintage vehicles) or dreams of what can be (super cars).