Skye Amber Sweet

Los Angeles


Abstract painting.

In the Mind of Chaos by Skye Amber Sweet. Photo courtesy of artist

I am not sure sometimes where my life began or where it will end. I do know this however...When you get to the place in your life that makes you feel whole after all the slices have been taken from you, it opens the doors where energy fills your being and the universe colors your every hearts breath.

My art is emotional, and sometimes I am not quite sure where my unintended thought process took me. I do know that in my lightest and darkest moments something in my heart triggered the expressive flow of paint and tears, happiness and smiles that somehow came together without thought. Only pure emotion and energy run through me where I can feel it in my fingertips and flow there from to my canvases.

I want to change the world. I have since I was eight. I want people to see the very inner core of their being and maybe learn of open hearts, forgiveness, and kindness through color and art. I am not sure how to do so, but in my art I know that the thought is there and I hope that in looking close enough, you might feel enough of the world to stand at the doors of the bright colors, understand its flow and make a difference in the real world.