Susan Liles


Ruth Miller work.jpg

Woman photographing a painting.

Susan Liles capturing the work of Ruth Miller. Photo by Chandler Griffin

I always knew I was creative. Even as a young child, I found solace in drawing or sewing, anything that had a meaningful outcome. It wasn't until later in life, though, that I found my true calling.

I began working in photography and film when I began my job at the Mississippi Arts Commission and realized that it is the way I am meant to share my creativity. I find that behind the lens I can tell the stories of our beautiful, misunderstood state and share the beauty she possesses. Through film I can honor the wonderful stories of our gifted artists and share their talents with those who will listen. Storytelling through images and film is my way of giving back to this beautiful state who gives so much to me.

Susan Liles
Jackson, MS