Tami Booher

Sandy Hook

honey bee.jpg

Painting of bee on flower.

She Works Hard for the Honey by Tami Booher. Photo courtesy of artist

Art has been a part of me my entire life. It is who I am, I was the kid with a pencil or charcoal in her hand almost always. I grew up in the coal fields of Wise County, Virginia. I spent my days roaming the hills, enjoying nature. I love the smell of the deep muskiness of the woods. As an adult I began painting my impression of that natural world that I so love. I find myself in the beautiful wooded hills of eastern Kentucky—here I can be close to nature and try to paint my impressions of her again. My medium of choice is oil and acrylic. I love to use the palette knife to paint my images with. I feel with the knife I can almost bring the painting to life, they are full of texture and wonder, I find myself often wanting to run my fingers over them just to feel. The feeling I get when someone looks at one of my images and they are transported to a place or time is the most rewarding. I have seen a woman burst into tears just because of a painting of mine, can you imagine? My work touched her that much? Humbling and beautiful.