New Grand Chain

In my time of 22 years I’ve been exposed to more art than any guy or gal my age without a computer and that’s biased for a hypothetical quote but just what more artists and art lovers are opening up to! With the help of the interweb artists are learning what their options are not limited to "local" sources for pointers.

Facebook for instance has contributed to this maddness and even refers artists that relate to the style you are following so you are always in the loop with the current styles and artists. Among these Luminescent Art takes full swing inviting glow in the dark art lovers to join their festival events or exhibits.

Its very important to notice how artists are evolving on social media, what venues they take for which styles, who to talk to and how, being aware of the changes in the way art is sold and how companies buy art from artists, learning what royalties are, Licensing agreements, knowing your rights as an artist. These are all very important to also analyze to aid the movements in the right direction without intending to capitalize a greedy profit.

The truth of the matter is there are so many modern day "Picasso's" thanks to the way fire spreads on the internet, not that someone who draws stick figures shouldn't be considered a modern marvel or that the internet should claim credit to an artists fame but genuinely there are a large quantity of excellent art from excellent artists.

Around age 18 I came up with the idea after being coherced to making a fan page displaying my Luminescent art. I hesitated as I was not sure what to do. Long story short - after agreeing to Eve Panagapo's proposition I aligned with another artist on an idea that would change the way art is shared on facebook, which was to aid multiple artists on one account themed for the black light world. Jacob Garn became the first editor with the idea that we can all post to one page as if in a group. A closed group though it was a community page and from then on I’ve recruited the worlds absolute best in this art world.

At one point I felt like I may be discriminating with the term Luminescent Art so I’ve included digital artists and non black light artists that represent a style that is however considered luminous by content. The arts world thrives like never before and this generation is experiencing it in a way like never before. I’m proud to have planted a seed for future generations to witness the history of black light arts and artists on one page where it will be willed from trusted individuals to the next.

We have hands like Van Goh and eyes like Picasso.