Transcript of My Art Story by James Clyburn

I recently had a real moving experience with my granddaughter, who I did not know was painting. And I’d always encouraged her to read. And so she picked up a book one day, and the book was entitled A Long Way Gone, is the... the boy solider from Sierra Leone that escaped, and came to this country. And she saw him on television, and she decided to go get the book, and she read the book. And after reading the book, she sat down and started painting her feelings about the book. And she just went through a series of paintings, which finished in a big... about four-feet-by-six-feet painting, that she... just put her feelings on the canvas. And when I saw it, it was the first time I knew that she painted, and it was just such a moving piece. So I got a much better understanding of my daughter, just before she graduated high school, a few months ago, than I’d ever had before, by looking at that painting. And I think that’s the way it is with almost everything and everybody. If you take time to listen to people, take time to experience some of what they feel, you get a better understanding, and maybe it’ll make you a better person.