Transcript of My Art Story by Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt: It's been 48 years out of the 50  that I've been associated with the National Endowment, National Council on the Arts. I served from 1968 to 1974. It was a very exciting and exhilarating thing to be part of a group of such notable people on the arts,  to be present in meetings with luminaries from all those fields was a wonderful experience, and to try to think about what this federal program could do nationally to advance the cause of the arts. It was a very meaningful thing for me and actually enlarged my view of what was possible, both for individuals and arts organizations. 

Looking back it's interesting to think about the enthusiasm in the beginning and the expansion of programs. A matter of fact, one important program, as far as I was concerned, was called Expansion Arts, instituted during the time I was a member, which sought to bring people who were community based. That is to say not major arts organizations, but organizations which were nascent and trying to grow within specific communities, ethnic communities, and communities that were otherwise disadvantaged and had less access to various art forms, and that certainly made a difference. And the difference that could be made by supporting exemplary programs that could then be replicated from one community, one region, to another.

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