Turtel Onli


2nd Bl Age SSCAC95X.jpg

Men standing in front of sign in front of community center.

Turtel Onli and other participants in front of the historic South Side Community Art Center in the Bronzeville District of Chicago, 1995. Photo courtesy of Turtel Onli

Being a child of the ‘60s counter cultural revolutions, I launched the Black Age of Comics Movement to expand the global graphic novels/comic book industry to accept and celebrate concepts and creatives derived from the Black, African, urban, and indie experience. I had been a major maker/illustrator and was asked on a job interview in New York with a major comic book company, "Do Black people read??" That was 1979. In the early 1990s, I was totally marginalized at the San Diego Comic Con. To this, my response was to conceive and launch the growing Black Age of Comics to be not about race, but about space and place. A genre where people like me could flourish and folks like those could learn