Ute Carbone

New Hampshire

I'm an author, with my sixth novel releasing tomorrow. I'm also a newly minted grandma, I have two grown sons. It took me a long time to figure out I was a writer. I went through a lot of other versions of myself, including studying to earn a degree in biology and then another in education. I taught for a number of years. When I discovered, or more to the point, uncovered, the writer in myself, I knew I had found my vocation, Creativity is central to my being to who I am and how I define myself.

It's not an easy road. There's a lot of rejection, a lot of soul searching, a lot of feeling you'll never be talented enough or know enough of craft. There are hours spent staring at blank screens when you wonder why in the world you ever began this journey. But there is also such joy—such tremendous joy—in writing a line or a scene that strikes the right chord, in uncovering a story where there was none. Ultimately, it's the joy that keeps me at it. And I wouldn't have it any other way.