Violet Roan

Cogan Station


Charcoal drawing of a cowboy on his horse attempting to lasoo one of two horse he's chasing

Chasing Freedom. Photo by Violet Roan

After three years of being extremely ill due to health issues and becoming toxic and adversely affected by methotrexate in 2010, I have regained a small part of my health, some days and I finally was able to produce a painting of more quality in 2013: Chasing Freedom.

The painting is called Chasing Freedom because I am still chasing my freedom from these physically debilitating health issues. Horses are a depiction of strength and power. I have an undying, emotional, and spiritual strength, and an undying, unwavering, determination of belief and power within myself not to give up. I will chase my freedom from these physical health issues, until I catch it. Freedom will be mine. "Freedom," is my good health. Some people think that wealth is everything, but without your health, you have nothing.

I had a painting on display in 2008: Multiple Myeloma. It was the coming attraction of the event, which was fun and exciting. It was the first painting I had ever painted. Due to a busy lifestyle of working full-time, going to school full-time, being a single parent, being ill, then finally becoming extremely ill after taking methotrexate, I was unable to get my art displayed again until 2013. I was, am, grateful to have had the opportunity, to have a collection of my art, which consisted of, "Chasing Freedom, Toxic, Cardinal Express, Autumn Flurry, and Inspiration on display for a few month. It was a great accomplishment after not being physically capable of living a life I desire, for so long. :-) Art is hope.