Walt Huntsman



Man standing on stage.

Walt Huntsman performing at the April 2015 Idaho Songwriters Forum. Photo by Jim Gilmore

I am writing specifically to tell you about the impact the Idaho Songwriters Association has had on me. Ever since I was a teenager, I have written lyrics (with the accompanying melodies rattling around in my head). However, I never had the confidence to share what I wrote with the world, nor did I have any clue or outlet for doing so. That changed when I found out about the Idaho Songwriters Association and, more specifically, the association's monthly forum. The forum gives songwriters young and old alike a chance to share what they have written with an appreciative audience. This has allowed me the opportunity to finally share some of what I have written with the world, or at least a select handful of people in it. Through its forum and other efforts, the Idaho Songwriters Association is a wonderful promoter and advocate for locally created and produced music. I wish I had found an organization like the ISA years ago, but I am glad I found them at last.

Walt Huntsman
Boise, ID