North Carolina

Dylan was a tad bit down yesterday afternoon.....I feared she may be getting homesick. So I asked.

She admitted to being homesick for her Mom and her Dad.

I asked her if she thought she might need to go home....... I let her know that if she felt like she needed to go home that we would get her back to Asheville. I reassured her that we would love to have her keep staying with us but that she did not have to stay here if she was too homesick and needing to go home.

She sat up immediately and reassured me that she did not want to leave....she very much wants to stay....she just misses her Mom and Dad. We talked about those feelings a bit then I asked her what we could do that would make her feel better.

She looked me in the eyes and said, "We could draw!"

My heart melted. I know that feeling. I know it well. How therapeutic drawing has always been! My little soul-mate....

So we got up, gathered our paper and markers and started drawing and continued to draw until way past our bedtime. We probably drew for more than an hour....I have no idea. We lost track of time.

In that precious time we got lost in our imaginations talking about colors and shapes and shadows, laughing at some of our slightly askew perspectives and silly faces, drawing with passion, exploring our experiences with pen and paper, brainstorming what to draw next, trying to recall just how that guineas head looks or that chickens tail is shaped, googling images so we could get it right.... it was most therapeutic for us both. It was absolute heaven. It was a time and feeling and joy that I doubt either of us will be likely to forget and that both of us will repeat many times while she is here.

Laughing.....while typing this, Dylan just snuck up behind me, gave me a big just-woke-up-hug, smiled and said "I love you Grandma. Can we draw?"