Arts in Healthcare Strategic Plan

Education, Advocacy, and Marketing

Goal: Increase the integration of arts in healthcare and raise the
awareness of, and appreciation for, arts in healthcare among all people
(patients, art practitioners, healthcare workers and administrators, and the
general public).


  • Develop a communications plan
  • Create an information packet
  • Establish/appoint a media advisory board

Research and Evaluation

Goal: Document the state of arts in healthcare programming and develop a plan
to: a) conduct qualitative and quantitative research to determine the value of
arts in healthcare; and b) disseminate the results of the research.


  • Create a glossary of terms
  • Develop a present-day baseline for the state of the arts in healthcare
  • SAH partner with Americans for the Arts to conduct a three-year research survey
  • Compile a database for research and a plan to disseminate information


Goal: Develop a national funding base for arts in healthcare infrastructure and
create projects at the national and local levels. Projects may include programs,
a major research project, or other initiatives that impact the AIH field.


  • Hire development staff
  • Create a Society of Arts in Healthcare advisory committee composed of members
    who have resources and/or funding expertise
  • Form a Congressional caucus on AIH issues
  • Partner with the development offices of private organizations