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Affordable Housing for Artists in Baltimore

March 9, 2010

Baltimore, MD

Guest Blogger - Jeremy Nowak, President and CEO of The Reinvestment Fund

Today, Rocco Landesman and I are enjoying a pizza lunch with the developers of City Arts and the community and arts leaders driving the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. In effect this visit is an extension of NEA's great visit in Philadelphia last week. When I learned that Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, was visiting City Arts, I knew Rocco would enjoy joining and seeing this part of our work too.

City Arts is an affordable residential development designed with artists in mind. Located in Baltimore's burgeoning Station North Arts and Entertainment District, this energy-efficient development is slated to bring 69 rental apartments and 8 for-sale townhomes to the neighborhood. Located in Greenmount West, City Arts is developing affordable housing targeted to artists on a 1.2-acre lot that has been vacant for decades. This development provides an opportunity to integrate a substantial parcel of vacant land into the existing adjacent communities in a complementary and enhancing way.

City Arts capitalizes on the area's natural assets, which includes a wide variety of cultural organizations and activities, entertainment venues, and its proximity to transportation systems. The newly constructed apartment building will feature a professionally managed gallery and performance space, serving as an arts destination for the city. City Arts?a partnership of Homes for America, Jubilee Baltimore and TRF Development Partners-Baltimore -- combines affordable housing with neighborhood revitalization. It is designed to strengthen the Station North Arts & Entertainment District and to help revitalize the Greenmount West neighborhood. We'll hope to bring Rocco and the NEA team back to celebrate when the digging and building ends and residents move in and art starts.

Please see the complete text of Secretary Donovan's remarks.

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