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February 5, 2010
Washington, DC

The NEA is interested in seeing how the phrase "Art Works" resonates with the American public, and so we announced that we are seeking an image that captures all three of its meanings.

Since we believe that art works for everyone, this is meant as an opportunity to solicit ideas from as broad a public as possible and invite this country's creative community to engage with their NEA.

We wanted a process that was open to students, designers, artists, companies, private citizens, and pretty much anyone who agrees that "art works." To achieve that, this solicitation is not structured as a ?Request for Qualifications? or in a way that is based solely on resumes, past work, and a track record of similar work.

Instead, this RFP is open to anyone who enrolls in the Central Contractor Registration, and it has a streamlined submission process that essentially involves submitting one image (in both black-and-white and color) and a three-page narrative that explains the thinking behind the proposed image and provides some basic information about the proposer.

The response to date has been overwhelmingly positive, and it has also engendered a lively dialogue about the structure of the RFP itself, in particular around the issue of ?work for spec? in the graphic design community (an issue has been well captured and discussed at, among other places).

The NEA is permitted only to respond directly to comments and inquiries on an open RFP through the proscribed process. If you have submitted a comment on this RFP to someone at the Agency other than the relevant contracting officer, please do not take the lack of response as a lack of interest or attention. As always, we welcome a continuing dialogue with the creative community, as well as your ideas, comments, and submissions. We also look forward to announcing the selected image in the near future.

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