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Countdown to POL: I'll be the judge of that!

April 21, 2010
Washington, DC

Washington Poet Laureate Samuel Green was among the judges when BreAnna Jones took top honors at the the state's Poetry Out Loud competition in 2008. Photo by James Kegley

As anyone on the Poetry Out Loud (POL) team would tell you, the program wouldn't be possible without the help of many, many partners, including the Poetry Foundation, the state arts agencies, and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. Another group that's vital to the program's success are the judges who---whether participating at the school or national level---have the tough task of selecting one winner from a stellar group of competitors. Washington State Poet Laureate (and NEA Literature Fellow) Samuel Green was a POL judge for Washington's 2008 competition. Here's his article on participating  in POL and the importance of learning poetry by heart.

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