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February 1, 2010
Washington, DC

How would you represent the phrase "art works" in a single image?

"Art works" is Rocco's guiding principle for his work at the NEA. The phrase has three meanings: "art works" are the plays, paintings, dances, films and the other works of art that are the creation of artists; "art works" describes the effect of art on audiences and viewers, art works to transport, transform, inspire, and challenge us; and "art works' is a reminder that arts workers are real workers with real jobs who are part of this country's real economy.

It's time to convert these words into a powerful image, one that conveys the complexity and power of "art works."

This morning, in Miami, Rocco announced the release of a request for proposals for the design of a new "Art Works" logo. Speaking at the Design and Architecture Senior High school he said, "Those two words ? "art works" ? pretty much sum up everything we are about at the NEA and I hope you will see them everywhere. Art, artists, and arts professionals work to change the communities they inhabit: they are placemakers and help create livable, sustainable, complete communities. I look forward to having a logo that conveys that."

Here's a fantastic opportunity to apply your creative talents to our vision. The deadline for submissions is February 26th, so time is of the essence. We look forward hearing from you!

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