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Holiday Wish List 2010

Washington, DC

Blur of Lights by Sherrie Thai via Flickr

In the spirit of the holidays, I sent the following e-mail to my NEA colleagues:

A one-on-one cello lesson with Yo-Yo Ma? A week's worth of bedtime stories told by Junot Diaz? Alexander Calder's La Gran Vitesse transplanted to your front lawn? What's on your sky's-the-limit holiday wish list?

Here's what they had to say...

Beth Bienvenu

My wish list would include dinner with David Seidler, script writer for the film, The King?s Speech, about his experience researching and writing the script, and with Colin Firth, who portrays King George IV, about how he prepared, physically and emotionally, for the role of a person who stutters facing supreme challenges in the public eye. This film is one of those rare opportunities to see a disability such as stuttering portrayed in a realistic and empathetic way---one that enables you to feel the fear and pain of a speech disorder but not drag it into the maudlin or sentimental. As a person who stutters, I?d love to hear from them how the film came about and how they managed to capture these experiences in such a profound way.

Lois Fields

Can I attach the whole Impressionist collection from the Art Institute of Chicago to my house?

Adam Kampe

I?d like to see Bob Dylan in a small venue (let?s say Iota in Arlington) perform "Blonde on Blonde" as it sounds, (aka as he sounded), on the 1966 album.

Kelli Rogowski

I?m a big fan of the classics, so I would like a time machine (Hey, you said sky?s the limit!), allowing me to see everything from Ancient Egyptian architecture, Ancient Greek sculpture and theater, the Renaissance masters at work, and an original Shakespearean production in the Globe?the list goes on and on! Alternatively, if time travel weren?t possible---darn you, laws of physics!---I?d like classes in puppetry with Julie Taymor.

Carrie Holbo

A song written just for me by Stephen Sondheim.

Guiomar Ochoa

Painting session with Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet?.in Provence?with lots of wine?and lavender

Victoria Hutter

I will go with the one-on-one theme, a lesson with modern dancer, choreographer Mark Morris. But not for me, for my six-year-old nephew Henry (of course, I get to observe). With the right coaching I believe Henry could achieve dance greatness. Maybe the lesson could end with a short dance that Mark would create just for him,  perhaps even titled ?For Henry.?

Sarah Cook

I?d have Yo-Yo Ma and Renée Fleming perform at my wedding ceremony.

Maryrose Flanigan

How about a tea party with Mary Karr and Carolyn Kizer?

Takenya LaViscount

A private dance lesson with both Bill T. Jones and Merce Cunningham, a private harp lesson with Alice Coltrane (the best jazz harpist I have ever heard. I played the harp when I was a little girl, starting at age 9 and continuing to age 16), spending a weekend with Jim Henson discussing creativity, a private master class with Audra McDonald, and the list goes on...

What's on YOUR holiday wish list?

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