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Look Book---2010 National Book Fest

Washington, DC

Here are some photos from the NEA Poetry and Prose pavilion at Saturday's Library of Congress National Book Festival. If you're wondering why all of the captions are approximately 140 characters---it's because they're thanks to Sally Gifford from Saturday's @NEAarts Twitter stream! We should have many more photos up on our Facebook page by the end of the week. (All photos by Tom Roster)

"Poetry does live in the voice and body, but part of the job is teaching how to read it on the page."---Elizabeth Alexander

 "We owe a great deal to Franzen for...writing a big ambitious literary novel...for giving us the right kind of unhappiness."---from NEA Literature Program Officer Amy Stolls's intro of Jonathan Franzen

"Leaf by leaf, you invent a tree....Books are always made of palimpsests, all kinds of layers."---Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk on writing

"Names are talismans ... perhaps that is why we name our storms."---Natasha Trethewey

"I have faith that things come and go. The novel is of too much interest to be superceded."---Jane Smiley

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