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Postcard from California, Part 1

March 19, 2010
San Diego & Los Angeles, CA

According to Rocco, his nearly week-long visit to California has been ?educational, informational, and incredibly informative.? We caught up with the Chairman yesterday for a few moments as he was leaving a panel on San Francisco?s urban revitalization efforts. Here?s his take on some projects he visited earlier this week in San Diego and Los Angeles:

There?s a converted naval facility out there in San Diego -- the NTC Promenade in Point Loma -- which is now a huge 28-acre art complex. It?s inspiring to see the way they?re taking spaces that had other uses and converting them to arts spaces and using that to revitalize the communities.

In LA, we had a full day, making stops and meeting folks at a number of places, including the Irvine Foundation, the Bert Green Fine Arts Gallery, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Inner City Arts was fantastic; they?ve integrated themselves into the community and really transformed the neighborhood around them.

We also went to the Music Center and looked at their plans for the expansion of a major park that?s going to connect the center to City Hall. The project will connect one community to the other in a way that hadn?t happened before. Downtown LA used to be hollowed out, and these types of projects are really bringing it back. And we?re seeing projects like that all over California.

You know, art works all over California, and I?ve just been listening and learning and hearing from the people who?ve been actually doing it. We?ve been talking the talk, but they?ve been walking the walk for years now. It?s great to dial into what they?re up to.

We?ll have more from the Chairman on the Art Works Golden State tour later today.

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