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Art Works Podcast: Billy Luther

If you don’t know what Grab Day is, then listen to this week’s podcast. It’s a conversation with Native-American filmmaker Billy Luther, who made the documentary GRAB. Luther grew up celebrating Grab Day with his father’s family in the Laguna Pueblo of New Mexico. Grab Day is a 300-year-old tradition that involves taking to the rooftops and throwing basket upon basket of food, toys, paper goods, and all manner of gifts to members of the community who gather below. It is a time for families to come together, give thanks for abundance, and pray for renewal. For families that throw, the preparation is intense, usually taking months. Enter Billy Luther: the filmmaker followed three families during the yearlong preparation straight through to Grab Day itself. The documentary marks the first time this celebration has been filmed. The amount of stuff that is thrown from the rooftops is staggering.


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