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Art Works Podcast: Youngblood

Washington, DC

This week’s podcast is a conversation with the directors of Youngblood, the theater group focused on playwrights under 30. Theater is not an easy business. Getting a play produced is difficult at any age, but if you’re young and without a track record, you can multiply that degree of difficulty by a hundred. Obviously, this is a problem not only for aspiring playwrights, but for all of us who love theater. If 20-something playwrights can’t see their work on a stage, how will the next generation of playwrights be able to come into their own? Well, one way is through Youngblood, a group formed by New York City's Ensemble Studio Theatre to specifically target the particular needs of younger theater artists. It provides peer support, regular feedback, and most importantly, a way for playwrights to see their work mounted on a stage in front of an audience.


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