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Celebrating Champions of Change

How do we build a better future for Americans? By asking for advice from those ordinary Americans who are already doing extraordinary things. Each week the White House invites these Champions of Change---those people who work in their communities every day to "out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world"---to visit the White House and present their ideas for change. Last week's group included 14 arts education leaders and advocates. Here's a sneak peek at three of those champions. Please visit the Champions of Change website to meet all 14 of these extraordinary Americans, and stay tuned for our interviews with some of them over the coming weeks.


“I believe that every innovative thought comes from a creative mindset ....A creative mindset is what drives our world, and art is the base of that.” --- Omar Epps, arts education advocate and actor


“Putting the arts in schools and at the center of classrooms---not just art classrooms but all classrooms---is about kids learning to use that muscle in their brain called their imagination. And imagination leads to creativity and creativity to innovation." --- Giselle “Gigi” Antoni, President and CEO of Big Thought


"My first experience of seeing where the arts was important was as a teacher, and when I incorporated music into lessons I saw the difference in the attitude toward learning and the accomplishments that came about toward children learning, and having a better time while they were learning, and also wanting to learn....” --- Robbie Owen, Principal, Rockwell Elementary School in Spanish Fort, Alabama

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