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Let's Celebrate 2011 NEA Jazz Master David Liebman!

Washington, DC

NEA Jazz Master David Liebman. Photo by Marek Lazarski

"[W]hat might of happened from the moment you got on stage and what happens afterwards is another story….But when you’re on that stage, with those guys, this is serious business and you better be on it. And it's a hundred percent intensity. And really, as I’ve learned over the years, it’s the essence of when you say “being there,” being in present time. There’s no past, there’s no future. You know, it’s really kinda Zenned out in a way when you think about it. The moment I’m playing, I call it being ….King of the World." --- NEA Jazz Master David Liebman

Want to hear more from (and about) saxophonist, flutist, and educator David Liebman? Tune in to our newly released Liebman's biographical sketch.

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