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Let's Celebrate 2011 NEA Jazz Master Hubert Laws!

Washington, DC

Hubert Laws. Courtesy of Spirit Productions

"I got my first flute while I was in high school. What happened was the high school band was playing this piece by Rossini called "The William Tell Overture." The prelude had a big flute solo in there, but in the high school band, there was no one to play that solo. Just about that time, a friend of mine, Sonny King, had a flute in his attic. He gave it to me so I began to play. I went around two days without even being able to make a sound off that thing. But once I started getting a sound, then I learned to play that solo. And that, boy, became like an instant marriage. It was also an escape from having to find reeds for that saxophone and the clarinet. I mean, the sound, I'll tell you, intrigued me, and I've continued to really just love the sound of the instrument. That's how, you know, I got involved with the flute."---2011 NEA Jazz Master Hubert Laws

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Don't miss our NEA Jazz Masters panel with Hubert Laws and the other 2011 honorees today at 1:00 pm ET! Details here on how to attend live or watch via webcast!

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