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From the Page to the Screen: The Poetry Projection Project

San Francisco, California

This year San Francisco's WritersCorps (a project of the San Francisco Arts Commission and the San Francisco Public Library) celebrated National Poetry Month by taking poetry off the page and projecting it onto the screen. The Poetry Projection Project invited professional and emerging filmmakers and video artists to create short films based on poems by WritersCorps youth. The event included three free community screenings of the submitted work, and San Francisco filmmaker Peter Bratt juried the films. Below are two of the films based on "Hydrocide" by Indiana Pehlivanova. Visit the WritersCorp website to learn more about the Poetry Projection Project, read the poems, and see more of the videos.

"Spilling Out" by Jose S. Gonzales won Best of the Festival in the adult category

"Hydrocide" by Ian Wang


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