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Poetry OUT LOUD!

Washington, DC

Amber Rose Johnson

Amber Rose Johnson (RI), the 2010 Poetry Out Loud National Champion.

Do you know what today is? Okay besides Duke Ellington's birthday. It's the National Finals of Poetry Out Loud. It's fitting that the street over which Ellington fixes his enlightened gaze---U Street---welcomes back the POL finals where they were held six years ago. Last year Amber Rose Johnson of Rhode Island took home the big prize with her astonishing stage presence and riveting poetic interpretations. Today we'll hear recitations by Amber and the top two runners up from the 2010 competition. If you're in DC come by the historic Lincoln Theater tonight to check out the finals in person. You can also tune in to the one-time-only live webcast. This year, the host is award-winning actress and President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities member, Kerry Washington. Plus, if that's not enough, there will be a special performance by local, Grammy-nominated musician, Christylez Bacon.

Amber Rose Johnson (RI) recites "Sonnet CVXI" by William Shakespeare

Ruth Haile (SD) recites "The Slave Auction" by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Nora Sandler (MD) recites "The Canonization" by John Donne



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