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Art Works Podcast: Aditi Brennan Kapil

This week's podcast presents Aditi Brennan Kapil whose play, Agnes Under the Big Top: A Tall Story was selected in 2010 for the NEA’s New Play Development Program. Set in a large, unnamed American city, the play explores the experiences of a Liberian home-care provider, a former Bulgarian circus ringmaster and his wife, and an Indian call center worker, as they grapple with language, identity, and reinvention in the contemporary United States. Language is central to the play and its characters. For example, we see the transformation of a voice that flows beautifully when speaking its native Bulgarian become painfully halting when attempting English. The transition between languages and how it can to come to mark our perception of immigrants, as well as their perception of themselves, is a theme Kapil explores in much of her work because she understands it first-hand.


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