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Art Works Podcast: Laura Lippman

This week's podcast features the award-winning writer of crime fiction, Laura Lippman. Lippman began her writing career as a journalist, and worked at the Baltimore Sun for 12 years. She credits her time with her hometown paper for revealing a city she had never seen growing up. She understood Baltimore in a different, more complete way and, as a result, became committed to a sense of a city-wide community. Baltimore’s concerns were her concerns, regardless of neighborhood. Readers of Lippman's fiction see her love of and commitment to Baltimore, which serves as more of a character than backdrop in all her books. In both her Tess Monaghan series and her stand-alone fiction, Lippman remains a crime novelist who uses the genre to explore urban social issues. Her latest book, The Most Dangerous Thing, is no exception. Set on the western edge of Baltimore, the book, which is about a crime set in the past, becomes an examination of class, race, secrets, and memory. Justice and forgiveness may be elusive, but they are themes that she approaches again and again. [4:23]


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