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Celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day

Photo by NEA staff

People of all backgrounds engage with words and rhymes on a daily basis, from famous poets and spoken word artists to Broadway lyricists and rap sensations. In schools, poetry allows students to explore the diversity and power of language. Outside of the classroom, there is no better day than Poem in Your Pocket Day (PIYP) to share verses with one another.

New York City inaugurated the annual celebration in 2002, and the Academy of American Poets took the event national in 2009. In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Poem in Your Pocket day, I've penned an original poem, “50.5 Million Can’t Be Wrong.” It highlights the city’s record number of visitors last year and all the museums, parks, and wonderful spaces they come to experience.

Throughout the day, New Yorkers, visitors and people across the nation will join in the fun. So on this exciting day, help continue the tradition. It’s easy---find a favorite poem, put it in your pocket, and don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

"50.5 Million Can't Be Wrong" by Michael R. Bloomberg, PYIP 2012

Hey there, fella! Lady, hey!
Didja hear? It’s “Poem in Your Pocket Day!”
Tenth anniversary---the bubbly’s flowing.
People are cheering…yelling…Tebowing.

Where best to celebrate this whole affair?
The Crossroads of the World---Times Square,
Historic site of many a saga
And on New Year’s Eve…one Gaga.

From across the globe, they visit here,
50.5 million last year
Wanting to see all they’ve anticipated,
Just follow directions---it’s not complicated

Bronx Zoo? (Take the 5 or the 2)
Rockefeller Center? (Walk 6 blocks, then enter)
Empire State? (Bus to Fifth, then go straight)
Ferry to Staten? (At the tip of Manhattan)
Unisphere in Queens? (Get there via several means)
NY Aquarium? (Too far for kids to walk.  Just carry ‘em)
Mamma Mia? (Right behind you. See ya.)

So on this big birthday of PIYP,
Have a fantastic day in NYC.
Take in the town---there is so much here to do!
(Just have a Poem in Your Pocket when you do,)

Which poem is in your pocket today?


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