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There's an App for That!

Magic Tate Ball in action.

Want to know what London's Tate Modern thinks you're in the mood to see based on where you are? There's an app for that. Or maybe you like your morning cup of joe with a side of poetry. There's an app for that too. Whether you're looking to make art or experience it, there's a whole library of applications to help you make it work---whether you're on a smartphone or tablet. Here are some of the ones that make my daily commute a little more art-full!

Magic Tate Ball: It's like the magic eight-ball, except the outlook always looks like art from the Tate's collection!

DailyArt: A new masterpiece delivered to your tablet or mobile phone every day with the option to read more about the artist or enlarge the artwork to take a closer look.

ThePoetryApp: Great poetry read by great actors? Yes, please.

TypeDrawing: As a poet who secretly wants to be a visual artist, this is destined to become a favorite.

MOMAapp: Sometimes you just want to spend some quality time with Andy Warhol---from the comfort of your own desk.

Ocarina: Cause, you know, there's a little bit of James Galway in all of us.

Fifth Wall: Ever wanted to be a choreographer? This app from 2wice Arts Foundation puts the art of performance right in your palm.

The National Mall by Because every top tourist spot should have its own soundtrack.

Jackson Pollock: All of the masterpiece with none of the mess. What's not to heart?

Bravo Gustavo: I'm dedicating the inclusion of this app---which puts you on the podium to lead the LA Philharmonic---to my long-suffering piano teacher who suffered the longest while trying to teach me the basics of conducting.

So what are your art app faves? Let us know in the comments!



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