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Art Works Podcast: Nick Cave

In this week's podcast, we meet Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. Cave, whose background is in fabric arts, fashion design, and dance, is known is for his colorful elaborate sculpture/costumes he calls "Sound Suits." Sound Suits are difficult to describe; they've reminded people of Mardi Gras costumes or African Masquerade robes. The materials that comprise the Sound Suits are as unlikely as the finished product. Some are made of twigs, others are made of thousands of buttons or feathers, and still another was constructed of Beanie Babies. The height of the Sound Suits are frequently magnified by extravagant head gear, like a domed miter that a bishop might wear. When worn, the suits often swoosh or rustle, so that the movement of the suit itself results in a kind of music. Sound Suits have been presented in galleries on forms, and worn as costumes in performances in public spaces around the world.


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