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Art Works Podcast: Poems by Heart App

Here's a podcast to mark the finals of the NEA's national recitation competition Poetry Out Loud, which took place this week---and a big shout-out to the new champ, Langston Ward! In the past few weeks leading up to the competition, I've been giving a lot of thought to memorizing poetry, and the pleasure that comes with that accomplishment. So I was already primed when I heard about the new app, Poems by Heart from Penguin Classics. I loved the idea of combining classic poetry with gaming, the ancient art of poetry with cutting-edge technology. And frankly, I was also impressed that it was produced by Penguin Classics, which is one of the gold standards in literary publishing. The app  lives up to its pedigree. It's smart and beautifully designed, with a skillful blend of iconic poetry, memorization techniques, and great gaming.


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