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The Best Social Media Advice I Ever Received Was....

We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share the best arts social media advice they've received to date. Have something to add to the list? Leave us a comment!

Don't let negative comments/reviews get you down. 9 times out of 10, your community will defend you. --- Amanda Bohan

Be a consistent contributor to whatever #socialmedia platforms you select. --- Karen O'Brien

No automatic posts without a plan for engaged use of online tools. It's not free---it costs valuable time. --- Virginia Commission for the Arts

Involve and give sincere shout outs to other orgs (include #Arts and other non-profits) in posts. Make friends in #SocialMedia! --- Opera Omaha

Make a plan & be consistent. Make sure you have the capacity to do what you set out to do well, every day. --- National Guild

Divide & conquer as much as possible. --- Undercroft Opera

Don't sell...provide. Don't advertise...inform. Don't market…pique interest. Social Networking sites, although accessible to so many, are not the place to look for revenue dollars. The mere presence of your arts organization within the world of Facebook/Twitter or other sites is in itself a productive and worthwhile opportunity. Talk to your friends and fans about life, world events (best when they relate to your particular industry niche)---post photos not only of what's happening at your venue, but at others. Think "COMMUNITY!" Through this simply philosophy you'll find your total reach expand and engagement grow. TAG TAG TAG...don't be afraid to tag your pictures and add your location. Think of each SHARE as x1000. Ask your fans to ask their friends to join your conversation. It's amazing the response you'll receive when your friends and fans TRUST you! --- Arizona Broadway Theatre

#Socialmedia should be part of customer service. If the phone rings, you answer it. So if someone comments, do the same. --- Amanda Bohan

Don't be afraid to fail! It's all about testing what works to get your audience engaged.--- City of Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs

Chad Weinard, Manager of New Media at the North Carolina Museum of Art reminds us that, "Everyday is a social media event for your visitors." Museum visits are special for most visitors and they are sharing as part of their visitor experience. --- Joseph Gonzales

Engage. --- Deborah Kerr

So many to choose! One of the best: Be consistent in your timing & content. Programs that schedule posts are life-saver tools for that. --- SparkAction

Try and make your posts like little gifts to your audience. --- Ford Theatres

It's called "social" media for a reason. Engage with your audience but also be sure to engage with other organizations. Comment/Share/Like/RT/Tag/Favorite, etc... It can help create conversations and it's good karma. --- Steve, Los Angeles County Arts Commission (signing post from your organization is another good tip!)

"You are nobody until you are somebody on social media!" Numbers are what the agents and managers are looking for. --- James K. McCully

Try something new! Not everyone wants to know the same information; variety is key! --- Arts Council for Long beach

Social media is blurring the lines between individuals and organizations---people become brands and brands acquire personalities. --- California Arts Council

Have a consistent voice that is intelligent, approachable, playful, and passionate. --- Theresa Knopf

Compelling photos tell the best stories. Particularly children engaged in the arts. --- Arts for All

Give your audience something to tweet about. --- George Patrick

Social media is "social!" Listen to your fans, respond to their questions, & leave comments as opposed to just posting content and never engaging with your audience. --- The Portland Ballet

Never say anything you wouldn't say to a person, and the more human organizations will always win. --- Amanda Woolwine

Share the awesomeness! (In other words: accept that you don't and won't always have control over the content and what is said about you. Share it anyway, because it's gonna happen regardless, and you might as well be part of the conversation.) --- Sarah Schmitt

Inform. Entertain. Promote. Connect. Do good. Be discreet. Be positive, not negative. --- Robin Landa

A picture is worth somewhere between 100 and 1,000,000 words depending on the picture. --- Insight Pho Tography

Keep your brand consistent!!! And, as much as you try and push conversation out, also try to bring it in! ---Maggie Hendricks




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