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Grant Spotlight: National Council on the Arts Edition

by Maria Rosario Jackson

We asked our National Council of the Arts members to share  some thoughts about projects from our recent round of grants that particularly resonated with them. Here’s what Maria Rosario Jackson had to say…

WaterFire Providence’s Livability Experiments: How do we enliven the places where we live? What makes us stop, smile and say WOW? What stirs our souls? How can we become more knowledgeable about what it takes to create vibrant places? The WaterFire Providence’s Livability Experiments project, without a doubt, will inform how we think about building communities that are awe-inspiring and that we proudly call home.

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation: Catalyzing and stimulating awareness, appreciation, and critical public discourse about Alaska’s native contemporary artists and their work is a brilliant effort to build on community assets and advance cultural vitality. Exploring the creative lives of native Alaskans---their passions, interpretations of the world, and unique points of view---will challenge thinking, spur interaction, and creativity, and enrich all involved.

Public Art Lab: I am thrilled to imagine what great new ideas will come from the collaborations of artists, scientists, and engineers in the public realm of St. Paul. Without a doubt these different perspectives brought together for public benefit will lead to new ways of thinking about challenges and opportunities in the public realm. Moments of synergy, collision of perspectives, collaboration, and imagination are vital to our exploration of what is possible!

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