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Hot off the Press! NEA Arts: Ahead of Their Time

"I’ve become a role model for a lot of young women. I try to keep it up. I try to do bigger and better and more amazing things and bigger walls and exhibits in nicer museums and bigger spaces and all of that. Always setting an example, always laying the groundwork, and raising the bar higher and higher so that women around the world can keep it up. That’s my role." --- Lady Pink

Whether you call the group of artists profiled in the new issue of NEA Arts visionaries, pioneers, or seers, there's one thing about them for sure---they were all ahead of their time. From graffiti artist Lady Pink (that's her 2011 artwork Lady of the Leaf on the magazine's cover!) to Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye to The Sopranos creator David Chase to architect Shane Coen, each of the 14 artists and arts leaders featured in the magazine have elevated their chosen discipline to a fine art.

Here's a sneak peek at the issue's Table of Contents. (Click on the image to go to the magazine.)

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