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NEA Arts: The Art of Turning Things Around

"Our mission is to build a compassionate community of creative thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners who are prepared for success in all future pursuits.... If we're going to train our kids to just be somebody else's employee, that's fine. We can teach them the basics. But to teach them to be those creative thinkers and leaders, we have to teach them the arts." --- Ron Gubitz, Principal, Batiste Cultural Arts Academy

In "The Art of Turning Things Around," the NEA's Rebecca Gross takes a look at a new arts education program by the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. This "public-private partnership, which counts the NEA as one of its partners, is designed to help close the academic achievement gap with high quality and integrated arts education programs. In addition to professional training, leadership summits, and funding for arts specialists and supplies, each school is paired with a well-known artist such as Yo-Yo Ma, Kerry Washington, and Alfre Woodard, whose work with students have helped Turnaround Arts garner national attention."

Visit to read the full story and check out the other features in the arts education issue of NEA Arts.

Want to see a Turnaround School in action? Visit the NEA Facebook page for a photo album from a visit by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to Washington, DC's Savoy Elementary School.

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