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NEA Arts: Level Up!

Video games have long been a part of American youth and entertainment culture. But recently, there has been debate about whether they are part of our country's artistic canon as well. In the latest issue of NEA Arts, we look at some of the more fascinating projects that bring art and technology together, including video games. In the article, we talk with Tracy Fullerton, an experimental game designer who is adapting Henry David Thoreau's Walden into a video game with NEA support. Not only will the game serve as a visually beautiful interpretation of Walden Pond, but Fullerton hopes it will establish a connection between young players and the original work of literature:

“One of my original inspirations was younger people who may not have the patience to get through Thoreau without some incentive or some inspiration,” said Fullerton. “And if I can contextualize it, make them feel how exciting the kind of adventure is of going out and discovering these sorts of things that he was trying to understand about life and our relationship to nature and to basic systems, if I can make them feel it by playing a game, then they may be inspired to go and read the book and to think about these things in relation to their own life.”

Click here to read our full piece on how video games have become an important tool in arts education. Elsewhere in the issue, you can read about transmedia storytelling in the world of theater, learn about the Smithsonian’s mobile strategy, or find out how arts funding is changing in the digital age.

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