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NEA Arts: MindPOP! An "Aha!" Moment in Austin

"An arts-rich school does not only teach kids in deep ways about an art form, but it also uses some of the arts-based instructional strategies in other places that are not about teaching the art form at all." --- Brent Hasty, MindPOP

What happens when having art teachers in schools isn't enough to reap the benefits of arts education? For Austin Independent School District (AISD), the answer was to rethink the district's approach to where exactly the arts lived in its schools. In "MindPOP! Austin Independent School District's 'Aha!' Moment," we take a look at the district's multi-year, community-wide, collaborative process to bring the arts out of the arts classroom and make the tools and strategies of arts education part of all of AISD's classrooms.

Want some more stories about being engaged and empowered through arts education? Check out the full issue of NEA Arts, including a spotlight on a dance honors program in St. Louis, a composers workshop for Native-American students in Arizona, and an interview with Inocente, the issue's cover artist and subject of a documentary about how art helped her persevere through hard times, including homelessness.

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