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NEA Arts: Why We Can't Fuhgeddabout It

While we're sure that David Chase doesn't mind the seven Emmys for outstanding television that---figuratively speaking---line his mantlepiece, he actually set out to be a filmmaker. As he told us when we spoke to him for the recent issue of NEA Arts, he made television because "I wrote movie scripts and never sold any."

Chase's love of the big screen was on full display in The Sopranos---from the way he played with the story arc to the way the music contributed to the narrative to the larger-then-life characters who made (somewhat) ordinary situations, like family barbecues, extraordinary just by being themselves.

In this unpublished excerpt from our conversation, Chase muses on, well, his muses....

"I think somehow or other I think Hitchcock is always on my mind in some way and I think maybe A Touch of Evil is somehow always in my mind and the work of Fellini is probably always in my mind somehow... [S]omething about me is always in there with those artists. I'm not trying to copy them necessarily but just that my consciousness is being informed by what they've done."

Read our full interview with Chase here.

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