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What does "Art works" means to you?

You know what the phrase "Art works" means to us--the works of art themselves, the way art works on us in transformative ways, and the fact that artists are workers contributing to our economy. What we wanted to know, however, is what the phrase means to you. So we asked! Here's what our Facebook fans and Twitter followers had to say. (Click thru the links to like and/or follow us).

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Art works when 200 people of all races gather to listen to three emerging writers read about the meaning of home, then the crowd gathers at a reception and finally disperses to local bars and cafes to top off the evening. -- Jocelyn H.

Art works when my artistic work is valued and I can make a living off the art I produce. —- Sofia T.
Art works to me means art that changes, alters, frees, consoles, gratifies, shifts the perspective of each viewer, resident, dramatist, friend, grandparent, painter, onlooker, donor, poet, audience member, musician, participant, reader, child, actor, living being around the country and the world. -- Gina B.
Art works when we cry tears for the joy and beauty. -- Steve L.
Art works means art that works toward something and, in our case, the different communities both in Houston and abroad. It also means having the ability to (re)define art in our own way and to produce art that blurs the boundaries regarding what is considered adaptable, engaging, contemplative, and unique. -- Voices Breaking Boundaries
For me, it means #SCAD: the university for creative careers. -- @paulaswallace
Creating an inclusive culture thru work that explores the AsianAmerican experience, & provides opportunities to AAartists. -- @PanAsianRep
Art means happiness and ‘joy rising’ inside of me Can turn a “meh” day into a fab day, just like that. -- @MpactJacq
Art works means creating with feeling. Anything, creation of all kinds to express the things that words can not. -- Picture Framing- Artist Rescue
Art has allowed me the gift to find myself and to lose myself when each is equally as needed. -- @dperretyy21
Art Works are 2-3D creations made with the purpose of engaging viewers with aesthetically appealing content on multiple levels. -- @MargaretsArt
Art Works means helping children develop social skills and self esteem! -- @ArtXpressionInc
[Art works means] transferring the creative process from inside yourself to music/paint/sculpture/literature that renders a response good or bad. -- @jane4031
Art works to improve communities, to encourage creativity, to strengthen learning skills, to foster self-confidence, and so much more. Art often does the job better than anything else. -- New Britain Youth Theater
Being an artist or arts administrator is a real job. Arts create jobs beyond just other arts jobs. The arts are a valuable tool in a community’s toolbox. As a solution to almost any community problem—art works. -- George P.
Teaching via the fine arts works because art, music, and theater are excellent multidisciplinary subjects with the potential to cover all major academic studies while being engaging and encouraging imagination, which is the main fuel of innovators. -- Tres D.
Art works as an industry, building the economy through unexpected outlets in new ways all the time. Art works as an outlet, providing opportunity to experience the world as it has never been experienced before. Art works as a lifestyle, brining beauty to the small things in the mundane and provoking thought in the menial. -- Kaitlin D.
The arts are indicative of the evolution of human culture, creativity, and expression through various mediums. The implementation and cultivation of the arts and arts education provides both social and economic benefits to people and communities. The arts make places more vibrant, inspire a sense of community, create jobs, help heal medical problems, and more. Art works! -- Victoria S.
Art works to change the view point. Art works in ways to cultivate communities and change lives permanently. -- William-Michael C.
Art works = itemst hat display a record of interaction between the artist and the substrate or objects presented. -- Brendan C.
Art works to open our eyes and create change. -- Ann A.
Art works for people. Art works for society, and art works for the economy. Art works to transform individual lives (including my own) to offer hope, growth, and opportunity where they do not seem to exist. Art works to blur the lines that are used to divide us and add color to black and white ways in which contemporary society is so used to thinking. Art works to create not just jobs, but careers that offer pseronal fulfillment and serve the community. These jobs can’t be outsourced, can’t be done by machines, are vital to the economic, social, and cultural growth of our neighborhoods. Any way you look at it, ART WORKS! -- Shannon D. 
Artwork is any conceptual or material object or experience made from creative media free of capitalistic motives. -- Albert S.
I see “Art works” in three ways. In the first way, work is a noun, as in a piece of art that has inherent value. The second way uses work as a verb, to show that beyond just existing for aesthetics or pleasure, art actually does something: it revitalizes communities and improves people’s lives. Finally, I see the phrase as an affirmation: when there is a problem of any kind, the arts are effective a solution. -- Cara S.
Art works to soothe the soul, stir controversy, bring joy, and inspire new ideas. -- Anne Jenkins Art Gallery & Studio
Art works: the product of any creative endeavor including self-empowerment through active participation in an art practice, i.e. constructing or making, either alone or in a group. -- Steven D.

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