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Notable Quotable: Heritage Fellow Judy McCulloh on the appeal of folklore

"I think part of the inescapable appeal of folklore is its intimacy and its significance for the people who carry it on and shape it, reshape it in some way. It's such an essential part of people's lives whether they put a label to it or not and if in this complex and troubled world we have cause to appreciate the beauties and the positive forces around us, the potential that people have, we really need to understand and appreciate what makes all these people who they are and what they are, what they value, what's important to them. I think if we spent a little more time looking at what people hold so dear that they pass knowledge and art and practices on to their friends, their children, their communities, if we can appreciate that, we will be better people for it and the world would be a better place for it." -- NEA National Heritage Fellow Judy McCulloh

Visit our Art Works podcast page to hear the full interview with Judy McCulloh. And save the date for our next folk arts and jazz announcement--we release the names of our new NEA National Heritage Fellows and NEA Jazz Masters on Wednesday!


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