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Notable Quotable: Irvin Mayfield

"Art gives us the opportunity to remember that we’re living magic on a daily basis. When you talk to people, they deal with life as if it’s a mundane thing. Maybe it’s because we’re used to it. Maybe it’s because we’ve been taught through systems and schools that it’s really about something technical and tangible we can touch. But even the best of science, technology, engineering, and math--all those idea, at their core, are magical." --Irvin Mayfield

Today's Notable Quotable by jazz musician and composer and National Council on the Arts member Irvin Mayfield is from the newest edition of NEA Arts in which we ask artists and arts leaders to muse on the topic of community. Click on the link to read responses from Alabama Chanin design head Natalie Chanin, Wing Luke Museum Director Beth Takekawa, street artist Jetsonorama, and many more. 

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