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Reading Takes to the Streets

We love reading our favorite writers on the page, but seeing their faces on the street? Now that’s a special pleasure all its own. So feast your eyes on what happens when street art gets literary, and check out the unique ways Big Read authors and others have been used to transform our public spaces.

Emily Dickinson Mural

Seen in Columbus, Ohio: Emily Dickinson by flickr user Murduck Rubbaduckie

Mural of Kurt Vonnegut

Seen in Indianapolis: Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut by flickr user Danny Hamer

Raven mural

Seen in Baltimore: Abandoned Poe Home on Fayette by flickr user gaia.streetart. Read about how this mural, created by Gaia, helped raise money to save the Poe House and Museum.

Mural of Maya Angelous

Seen in New Orleans: Maya Angelou. LaSalle Mural by Derek Bridges.

Hemingway street art

Seen in Philadelphia: Photo of Hemingway stickers by flickr user Conrad Benner

Street art of Longfellow

Seen in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Longfellow Bridge Mural by flickr user beautifulshell. The artist, "Sidewalk Sam," also painted Longfellow's "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" along the bridge's expanse.

Sylvia Plath street art

Seen in Portland, Oregon: Sylvia Plath. Sylvia Plath by flickr user Jamie Allison

Mural of Jack London

Seen in Oakland, California: Detail: Jack London on a Mural Under the 580 Freeway, Oakland by flickr user CT Young

Mural of Pablo Neruda

Seen in Cuenca, Ecuador: Pablo Neruda. Photo by Rebecca Gros


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